We'll Protect Your Identity

You don't have to worry about your name being revealed in the case. All callers will be given a secret I.D. number. Your identity will never be know

n by anyone. Not the dispatcher. Not the judge. Not the jury. Nobody.

What Kinds of Crimes?

We want to know about burglaries, robberies, drug deals, vandalism, violent acts and threats of violence; any crime of a serious nature. And if you know of a crime that is about to be committed, we want to hear about that, too.

Make the Call!

You can help make Polk County a better place to live, and make up to $2,000 at the same time. So make the call. Let's put criminals where they belong - behind bars.

T: (936) 327-7867 or (800)336-1484  E: info@mysite.com


Polk County Crime Stoppers
P/O. Box 265
Livingston, TX 77351

  1. Do not give your name.

  2. Give the Dispatcher as much detail information as possible.

  3. You will be given a unique code number (don't loose it).

  4. Since you are the only person that has that code number you will be asked to call back any time with additional information, or at certain intervals to find out how the investigation is proceeding.

Note: Do not lose your code number - it is the only link between you and the investigation. This process protects your anonymity.

Crime Stoppers does not use Caller I.D. *69, or any other device to identify a caller. Since our inception in October 1987 the identity of all our callers has remained anonymous.


T: (936) 327-7867

E: info@mysite.com

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